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The guide on choosing a boxing coach

For those who may be considering taking up the sport of boxing, finding the best training options and coaching services can be of utmost importance. Ensuring that your efforts are able to produce the level of results you are seeking and that you are able to tackle any new challenges more effectively and successfully are never concerns that should be left to chance. From basic footwork and techniques to the personal training needed to become a better fighter, working with the right (more…)

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Risks involved in the game of boxing

Risks involved in the game of boxing

Damage To The Brain
One of the most dangerous risks of boxing is the possibility of head injuries. There are a number of traumatizing potential injuries that boxers face during each match. These risk factors are considered part of the territory for a boxer. However, a boxer endures several injuries throughout the course of their boxing career. This staggering statistic has given rise to much criticism that surrounds the (more…)

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Factors to consider when choosing becoming a professional boxer

While boxing may seem like a glamorous career, there are inherent risks involved that everyone should be aware of. Not all professional boxers become rich and many retired boxers suffer from a variety of physical and mental disabilities.

The Financial Risk

Whether or not the physical pain and suffering that you’ll endure from a career in boxing is worth the possibility of making a lot of money is entirely up to you. Remember that there are thousands of aspiring boxers waiting (more…)

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Seen Any Good Boxing on TV, Lately?

It’s so hard to find great coverage of boxing events on TV. Even with all the satellite tv deals out there, sure you might get one or two programs dedicated to this pugilistic epic, but nowhere near the kind of attention other sports like baseball and hockey and football seem to enjoy.

Let’s rewind for a second.

The time is October 30, 1974. The place is the Mai 20 Stadium of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (then, known as Kinshasa, Zaire). Undisputed heavyweight champ George Foreman prepares to square off against former heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali.

Americans everywhere are glued to their television sets and gathered around their radios for the fight of the century. This really was THE event and it was probably one of the few times in boxing history where it received the kind of recognition and respect that it deserves.

So what’s up with boxing now? Does anyone really care? Most of this change in attitude most likely has to do with our cultural views. Many people view boxing as a senseless sport when few really understand the intricacies and the endurance required to be a champ.

While there may never be another Rumble in the Jungle and while boxing continues to slip into the niche category, it’s important to remember the sport and the legacy of both commitment and sportsmanship boxing brought to the world of sports.

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Ways in which boxing can be improved in the country

There isn’t a simple solution to fixing boxing in America. The likelihood of the sport returning to its 1970s and 1980s dominance is diminishing almost daily. Faced with a comparable rival sport, mixed martial arts, that is on the rise and the lack of well-known domestic fighters it is increasingly in danger of becoming a niche sport followed only by diehards.

One way to combat that would be to offer more quality fights on the basic broadcast networks. While the biggest names in (more…)

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The guidelines to follow when learning boxing

Boxing history dates back to the mid 1700s with bare knuckle fighting. The sport of boxing has changed greatly over the years with the addition of boxing gloves and different rules to protect the athletes. Boxing requires a committed athlete that spends hours training, and sparring. The training routine is crucial for boxers to ensure they are prepared for the rigorous fights.

Endurance is one of the most important aspects of learning to box. Boxing matches can require the boxers to continue fighting for long (more…)

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The top ten boxers of all time in the world

Boxing, steeped in controversy and rich in tradition, has produced some of the world’s greatest athletes and most recognizable personalities. Controversies and persona aside, this top-ten list of the world’s greatest boxers acknowledges achievement inside the ring.

Number one is Muhammad Ali, an uncommon heavyweight who had power and finesse, which he used to win three championships. He was said to ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee’. Coming in a close second, Joe Louis, also known as ‘The Brown Bomber’, avenged a loss to Max Schmelling with a first round knockout in their (more…)

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Safety precaution measures for boxers

Boxing is a rough sport, and many of the sport’s participants suffer severe neurological damage which may not fully manifest itself until several years after the fighter has retired from the ring. While it is impossible to fully eliminate all injuries from a sport like boxing, there are some preventative measures to take in order to make the sport as safe as possible.

First of all, anyone who is thinking about getting into boxing should have a neurological examination prior to being allowed in the (more…)

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Why become a professional boxer?

Boxing is an exciting and popular sport that is not difficult to enter. Boxing has an historic presence in cultures all over the world. Professional boxing has earned a living for many and made some rich, famous, and champions.

To get into the sport of boxing one should join a boxing club and begin amateur training. This may incorporate fees and set hours of training with a boxing coach. After appropriate conditioning and competence in the ring, one may contend in unsanctioned fights as an amateur with no impact on (more…)

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